Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Links:

Why Ray Bradbury's science fiction stories have seeped into the culture ~ The National Post:

by Nathaniel Rich, Slate.com

....Ray Bradbury is one of the most prolific writers of our time -- and our parents' time and our grandparents' time. As he approaches his 90th birthday, he continues to publish, his pace slowed only slightly by a stroke that requires him to write by dictation. (His daughter is his amanuensis; he calls her on the telephone and she faxes him back the typed pages.) Thanks to Fahrenheit 451, now required reading for every American middle-schooler, Bradbury is generally thought of as a writer of novels, but his talents--particularly his mastery of the diabolical premise and the brain-exploding revelation -- are best suited to the short form. Two of his better-known novels, The Martian Chronicles and Dandelion Wine, are story collections in disguise, and even Fahrenheit 451 began as The Fireman, a short story.

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  1. you know, I've never read anything by him. Maybe now's the time!

  2. So many classics, where do you start? What a prolific writer he is ...

    Try some of his short story collections, like The October Country.

    Thanks for stopping by ...